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Expectations and Raid Info
« on: August 01, 2016, 11:28:46 AM »
I want to begin by thanking you for joining Bads in Exile, we look forward to having you on our team. That being said we have a few expectations of our members and do things in a certain way. All of which will be laid out in detail below. Please read this post before beginning an application to ensure that this guild sounds like one you would like to be a part of. We don't want to waste anyone's time.

Raid Times and Expectations
Our scheduled raid times are Saturday's 9:00 pm central time to 11:30 pm central time. We appreciate our raiders being online and ready to go approximately 15 minutes before the scheduled start time. This doesn't mean simply being on your character, this means having all your gear ready to go and being familiar with the fights we will be attempting that session; flasks/potions/food will be provided by the guild. With our reduced raiding schedule being ready and on time will allow us to maximize time within the raid itself and not getting everyone ready to go.

Despite all of this we are a laid back semi casual guild, hence our limited raiding schedule. Many of us have real lives too being college students, graduate students, and working professionals. We understand that life happens sometimes and this game should never take priority over or get in the way of that. If you are going to be late to a raid or can't make it on a certain day please try and get in touch with an officer as early as possible so we can plan accordingly.

General Behavior
Hopefully, as we are all grown ups, this will never arise as a real issue - however, we've been burned before. We expect our members to be courteous and respectful to one another at all times. Any disagreements that arise between anyone in the guild are expected to be dealt with in private by you and the other party. If the issue is serious feel free to contact an officer in game or pm one of us on the website and we will try our best to help mediate the situation. We understand that we have a diverse group of people here, and that some of us may occasionally step on each others' toes, however, we expect these disputes to be handled with some modicum of professionalism. The officers in this guild have no intentions of acting as your parents; if we are constantly being called in to mediate petulant shit someone will be leaving the guild, believe it or not we play this game to relax and have fun. Constantly having to deal with drama doesn't allow us to do this. Basically don't be an ass, and we'll all get along fine.

This applies to interactions with anyone outside of our guild as well. Keep trade chat banter somewhat sane if you would. If you run a raid, please set and follow fair loot rules. Conduct yourself in a professional manner wherever possible!

Raiding Behavior
As previously stated we have a limited amount of time to work with and we try to be as productive with this time as possible. In order to achieve this we do have a few behavioral expectations during raids. Firstly, while the fight is being explained please kindly be quiet. We will briefly address questions afterwards. During the fights we expect all chatter to be pertinent to the task at hand, you can tell us about your day during trash. If we wipe because of bullshitting on coms we will be annoyed. Secondly, we expect our members to hold themselves and each other accountable. We are always striving to improve our play as a guild. If someone has suggestions or sees someone fuck something up feel free to call them out. Several of our officers have been raiding since vanilla, a few in world first guilds, as such they may have valuable insights. Lastly, be receptive to criticism. We're all friends here and when we make suggestions/critique your play we aren't attacking you personally. Everyone makes mistakes and we're all trying to get better. On that note don't be afraid to call the veteran raiders/officers out on our bullshit too. Ultimately we want our raid atmosphere to be fun and relaxed, but we also want to progress. It isn't our intention to give the impression that we are elitist or hardcore, we certainly have fun. Ultimately, this is a game - if you aren't enjoying it what is the point?

Loot Rules
During progression, loot will be distributed via loot council and open discussion. Drops will be rewarded to the characters that give us the best chance to progress. This means that it is likely that tanks/healers will receive gear a little quicker early on. During farming all loot drops will be open rolls unless an active raider vitally needs it as a missing piece. As mentioned we encourage open discussion during the loot distribution process, if you believe loot is better served elsewhere we will hear you out.

While this guild is primarily a PvE-focused guild several of us are pretty avid pvpers. We always welcome members interested in pvp and it is my hope to eventually get a pvp segment of the guild up and running. If you have experience leading RBGs, target calling, etc. Please feel free to throw up an app and a pvp officer position may be yours.

All of that being said our primary goal is casual progression in a friendly and constructive environment. We play to have fun, and at the end of the day it is only a game.
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